The wellness center to enjoy real relaxing moments

For a weekend or a longer stay, come to relax in the wellness space in a natural and restful place. You will find energy and vitality in an intimate and warm atmosphere.

La Fugue aux Varennes : le spaAlways considered as a very important act of hygiene, the baths of heat have relaxing virtues. The sauna has a beneficial action on the muscular pains, the rheumatisms and eliminates toxins. Thousands of toning and soothing bubbles of the spa will alternately come to massage and to relax your body.

La Fugue aux Varennes: le sauna

The wellness center is spacious, more than 40 m², and contains a tonic shower, a spa, a sauna and a relaxation seat. After these moments of relaxation, teas and herb teas shall help you to rehydrate your body.

Noted: the wellness center is privative and is not accessible to other hosts when you occupy it. So, it is necessary to reserve it 24 hours before your arrival. The rate is 18 € a person for one hour. The relaxation massages are realized by a practitioner in relaxation who intervenes on reservation. The rate varies from 45 € for a massage of 40 mn to 70 € for a massage of 1 hour and 15mn.


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